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Week 13 : Mini Links : Magical Forest Photographs

In Singapore, we do not have much forests, and I like looking at photos of forests in other countries. Especially in autumn and winter, forests take on a hauntingly beautiful look. Do you remember one of my previous Friday link about a house in the woods? That would be my dream home. We used to […]

Week 13 : Mini Links : 1920s New York City photos

We went to NYC for our christmas holiday last year for 2 weeks and it turned out to be everything we wanted it to be – it was very cold, the shops were all decked out in huge ribbons and bows and we had a great christmas holiday there. And the discounts and sales during […]

Week 13 : Mini Links : Great photos of actors with people they played in movies

In a previous friday link, I spoke about my love for behind-the-scene shots from movies. Here is a different variation that I love too – actors with the people that they played in the movies! I especially like ‘The Blind Side’ and ‘The Fighter’. On a separate note, we are watching ‘Man of Steel’ tonight […]

Week 13 : Mini Links : 33 Beautiful Abandoned Places in our World

When I saw these photos of abandoned places, I was surprised and sad at the same time. They look so quiet… yet so beautiful. I especially like these few. Have you seen any of them before? Please enjoy these. Abandoned mill from 1866 in Sorrento, Italy Kolmanskop in the Namib Desert Kolmanskop (Afrikaans for Coleman’s […]

Week 13 : Mini Links : Superb Cloud Formations that will amaze you

Hey it is Friday again and welcome to my weekly mini links. I will be posting 8 mini links throughout the weekend so enjoy them! Please let me know what you think! =========================================================================================== I remember studying about cloud formations in secondary school and since then, I have always looked at the sky to see the […]

Week 12 : Mini Links : Horseshoe Bend, Arizona

Last year, when we were deciding where to go in April for our holiday, I brainstormed with KW about doing the Arizona – Utah – Colorado route. Eventually we decided to leave it for another trip when we have more time for this route. So I was very happy to see these pictures from Lucy, […]

Week 12 : Mini Links : Actors laughing with each other between takes

I have always loved seeing behind – the – scene shots of actors, since I was young. I like these that I found this week from here, please enjoy. For more like this, see here and here. For others, see here and here. For fun ones, see here and here.

Week 12 : Mini Links : Amazing Wildlife photos taken with an iPhone

I usually snap photos in Singapore using my iPhone and the photos are usually passable for normal events. But when we go overseas, KW takes them with his Canon EOS 550D camera and I just randomly snap along the way with my iPhone too. So these photos taken with an ordinary iPhone blew me away […]

Week 12 : Mini Links : Top 10 places in the world for great photos

Today is finally Friday! Work seems to be getting busier and I am grateful for the weekend ahead! Here is the start of my Friday mini links again – posted all through the weekend. Please enjoy! =============================================================================== Even though I know nothing about the techniques and skills of a photographer, I appreciate the dedication and […]

Week 11 : Mini Links : Do you know these strange animals exist ?

These animals look really strange and they actually do exist – and they are not furry nor cute! Singapore actually sells the naked mole rat.. not too popular though. Please enjoy the pictures! And this concludes the end of this week’s mini friday links – I had fun and learnt a lot again about things […]


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