Paris Day 2 : Time flies when you are having fun!


On the 2nd day of our Paris adventure (read about Day 1 in Paris here), we got up bright and early to have breakfast and stroll around Paris again. It is very easy to walk around in Paris and we did not take the train or the bus.

We went to Notre Dame Cathedral first.

IMG_2627 IMG_2631


My mum signing in the visitors log book.


Can anyone tell me why the 3rd statue is carrying his head?

IMG_2668 IMG_2663 IMG_2660 IMG_2655 IMG_2657 IMG_2651 IMG_2652 IMG_2646

After that we had fun in the gardens nearby – we sat on this turning disc- like thing and was amused for quite a while.

IMG_2703IMG_2700 IMG_2702

After that we went near the superb looking rose bushes and noticed that there were a lot of ladybirds! In Singapore we hardly see ladybirds anymore.

IMG_2685 IMG_2695 IMG_2686


After that, we crossed the bridge to get to Ile Saint Louis- one of the best neighbourhoods in Paris. This small island is like a little piece of heaven from the rush of the city. It’s almost as if someone dropped a small little French village into the center of Paris, as it has markets, bakeries, fromageries and cafés. While much of Paris has modernized over the years, we found that this place has stayed romantically frozen in time.

We bought cookies for our father and ate Esterina ice – cream.

This reminds me of an unpleasant experience on our 2nd day, we were at a crepes store and it started raining after we ordered our crepes (we were standing outside). We decided to have our crepes with ice cream inside the cafe and so we headed in. The lady who was doing the crepes got angry and she spoke in French to her colleagues. We could not understand a single word but from her expression, we could tell her displeasure. We asked the waiter what was happening and he said that if we are eating them inside the cafe, we would have to declare from the onset. But the thing was that we did not anticipate the rain, did we??

So we sat down and he came to tell us that he would charge service charge and I said to go ahead. I did not think that warranted that kind of attitude towards us from the lady doing the crepes. And if you are not happy with something we did, just let us know. Nobody likes to be spoken about in a different language – that is just plain rude.

Moreover, the crepes were not being made yet so what was the issue then? Till now, we are confused.

We did not even give them the slightest hint that we were not paying service charge, if that was what I assume was the issue. Anyway, cultural differences will always be there.

Similarly when we see tourists in Singapore ordering food, they get upset too when they don’t understand what is going on. As the stores here are usually tended by old aunties and uncles and most of them don’t speak English, we try to bridge the gaps whenever we can.

The more we travel, the less we are fazed by all these little unhappy incidents. Sometimes we wanna do what the romans do in Rome, but what do we do, when we don’t know what to do? (Did you get that? Or did I confuse you further? haha)


Ile Saint Louis


La Cure Gourmande, Île Saint-Louis – we bought our biscuits from here.
Image: Alexandre Vialle


Esterina – we bought ice cream from this shop!

IMG_2718 IMG_2719   IMG_2713 IMG_2715

And then because we were tired from all the walking, we took a boat tour along the Seine river – this was wonderful and it was very cold!


Finally we get to sit down!

IMG_2742 IMG_2811 IMG_2779 IMG_2707 IMG_2566IMG_2708

These are photos from our last dinner in Paris and we had a feast! I cannot recall what restaurant this was though but it caught our eye and we went in to try.  And do you notice all the seats in Paris always face outwards? We saw it in Zurich as well.


IMG_2733 IMG_2734 IMG_2731 IMG_2725 IMG_2729 IMG_2735IMG_2726IMG_2855

We will always have Paris in our hearts.


You can find more of our travel posts here: Munich, Zurich, Wengen, Gruyeres, Interlaken, Jungfrau, Neuschwanstein Castle, Paris Day 1.


  1. Amazing pictures. You are so lucky to visit and see all the beauty that Paris has to offer. Best of luck with everything and enjoy your time there 🙂

    1. Thank you!

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