Leftover bacon … doesn’t exist. Ever.




  1. Redo You Project · · Reply

    Great blog! Keep it going.


    1. Thank you – thanks for visiting!

      1. Redo You Project · · Reply

        And I’ll be visiting again! Take care and enjoy your weekend, Michelle.


        1. You too! Is it memorial weekend? What do you guys do usually? have bbqs?

          1. Redo You Project · ·

            Yeah, the BBQ’s are the favorite of some people. In So. California, we just jam up the freeways even worse than most other days getting out of town.

            Then there’s all the foolish people that put themselves and others at risk by drinking before they hit the roads. All in all, it’s kind of a buffet of all sorts of activities for all kinds of people.

            The best thing to do is to celebrate at home and stay away from the highways, in my opinion. Hope you enjoy your weekend. What are you planning if anything?


          2. oh dear, i read that drunk driving is very serious over this weekend, hope all in your family are safe.
            For us it is also a long weekend but it is Vesak Day. But we didnt travel, just enjoyed the weekend at home.
            I hope you had a good weekend!

          3. Redo You Project · ·

            Thank you Michelle! We who have lived in So. Calif. for a number of years have learned to “steer clear” of the freeways on holidays…(it’s bad enough to deal with them every other day of the week)!

            You’ll have to tell me more about the Vesak Day, I am not familiar with it. Glad that you had a restful time at home. The long-timers in California have learned to do the same on holidays…we tend to live longer that way!

            Have a great day and take care,


          4. Yes that is true – glad your family and all are ok!
            Oh, Vesak day is a day for buddhists in Singapore to celebrate the Buddha’s birthday – so it was a long weekend for all.

            Yes and we can blog all day long on long weekends!

            Have a great week!

  2. Cheryl · · Reply

    oops, i left one strip of bacon uneaten from my OMG! burger (that was the name of the burger..) haha.. that burger had it all!! medium done beef patty, luncheon meat, bacon, egg and cheese, topped with cherry tomato, caramalized onions and mayo!! as kw said, it was a heart attack waiting to happen. hopefully leaving out one strip of bacon reduced my risk by a little…

    1. I wanna eat that too!! I read about it before but never got around to trying it. Maybe you can do a guest blog!

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