Laduree in Singapore : Overrated & Overpriced

2013-05-07 14.15.02

Look at all 12 of us – all so tightly packed against each other!

I was aware that Laduree has ‘landed’ in Singapore from the queues that you can see snaking out the store for the past 2 weeks at Takashimaya Shopping Centre. There are always queues for the past few years outside Louis Vuitton and Chanel and now you must join the queue when you buy macarons too? Gosh.

I went to Laduree today at 1130am and the store was empty of visitors. I think the hype is finally over. In Singapore it is so typical – when you see others queue up, you inevitably join in. Who cares if you don’t even like maracons? We just love to queue. And if it is a flagship store (I love that word FLAGSHIP!), forget about it – I am waking up early just to QUEUE.

Er, not me. So I waited till the fuss is almost over before checking out the shop today. I wanted to buy a few to taste but the smallest box that they had was for 12 maracons. WHAT?? How can we finish 12 and also, 12 would cost me $45.60. Each maracon is $3.80.


The colors are great – not on your pocket though.

Yes I can see your eyes rolling just as mine did. And so as the store was empty, I set about selecting my 12 flavours. And I thought it came in a fancy-pants box, having paid $45.60 for egg whites, icing sugar and almond flour. But no, it came in a miserable tiny box and all the 12 maracons were tightly packed in there. Needless to say, some of them crumbled when I reached the office..

2013-05-07 14.14.07

The tiny little box for all 12 of my little friends

I got antsy in the office around 4 and opened up the box to peer at the maracons. I took the pistachio one and ate it, bite by bite. It crumbled rightaway and I had to pick up the tiny pieces off my skirt at my desk. It costs almost $4 a piece, I am not wasting a single crumb!

2013-05-07 14.14.18

I wasn’t blown away by the taste of it though and it was very sweet. Later on, my husband, my sister and mum tried the salted caramel, coffee and vanilla ones and we found all of them too sweet. I expected to be blown away after reading all the reviews online but nothing happened. Most people in my office would only try it once but they will not go back to buy more. I think it is overrated and the price does not justify the service and most definitely, not the tiny little box that you get for almost $50. I would have expected a box that was much more presentable. And to think if you buy any less than 12 pieces, they give it to you in a paper bag! After a while, you will be picking up the crumbs from the bottom of the bag then. Not practical nor fancy at all.

I have read countless reviews of how much people are liking it in Singapore but so far my good friends and colleagues are not loving it and nobody I know went back to get more the next day.

I am glad I tried it once but I will not return for a 2nd time though.

I actually went online to see how a macaron is made and those of you who are interested, go ahead!

Ladurée Singapore

391 Orchard Road #02-09 (boutique) & #01-24A (counter) Takashimaya Shopping Centre Ngee Ann City Singapore 238872 Tel : +(65) 6884 7361 – Fax : +(65) 6884 7362


  1. i think they are yummy, love their rose and yuzu chocolate one! very fragrant and not too sweet! but i agree, over priced and the packaging is pathetic. i was pretty angst about the packaging too.

    1. Yes, for the price we are paying, the packaging should be better.

  2. I fully agree with you that it is over-rated and over-priced. I was in St-Emilion last year which holds the reputation for where the macarons was popularized by the Ursuline nuns. I paid around € 10 for a dozen of different flavors.

    This whole macaron thing is a fad and I even went on to baking them myself. Been there and done that kind of thing so I’m over this madness. 😉

    1. Totally agree – over here there was a queue for 2 wks straight and people bought like 70 of them at 1 go. madness!
      Thanks for following my blog, i love yours too!

      1. Too sweet! I guess the thinking that because it is something French, then it must be good is what drives many to think that they should also indulge in it. 😉

        1. Yes i agree with you totally! By the way i think your daughter is adorable. I love the picture of her behind the tree! 🙂 Too cute for words!

  3. mr Burns · · Reply

    over-rated, over-priced, rich people’s fancy snack…..$3.80 – $4.00 for a miserable piece? i would rather be donating to the buskers further down the road than the crappy people who makes this crappy “toy”….my 0.2 cents

    1. Agree and dont know what the queue was for – it is just maracons!

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