Our 1 day trip to Gruyeres : Cheese for Lunch & A Medieval Tea


Our fabulous cheese lunch at Gruyeres!

Our trip from Singapore to Europe has so far brought us to Munich, Zurich & Wengen and our next stop is Geneva.

We are a long way from home. And boy, was it worth it!

Above: Wengen to Geneva


Main train station in Geneva : Gare de Cornavin
Image: mpd01605

Interesting facts about Geneva:

  • 40 % of residents in Geneva come from outside Switzerland
  • Dog droppings is annually listed as the top complaint of citizens in Geneva
  • The World Wide Web was invented and developed in Geneva at CERN laboratories.
  • The European Headquarters of The International Red Cross and the World Health Organization are in Geneva.
  • The city is known for The Jet d’eau, which is an important monument and is identified as the ‘tallest water fountain’.
  • Geneva is one of the most expensive cities of the world; the city is also ranked amongst the top in terms of ‘quality of life’.

The Jet d’Eau, the tallest column of spouted water in the world and Geneva’s most famous landmark, is found on Lake Geneva.
Image: FranciscoGC

I recalled that when we took our bus from the train station to our hotel, we did not have enough change for all 4 of us. A very kind gentleman came and gave me money for us to take the bus. We wanted to go get change for him by buying something from the newstand but he refused. He took the same bus as us and told us where to get off. How nice of him!

Till this day, when I see a lost tourist in Singapore, I go up to ask if I can help. We have met many kind locals wherever we go and no harm paying it forward.

We spent 2 nights in Geneva – 1st day was spent walking around the city centre, the lake and having gelato for dinner.

IMG_2273 IMG_2276 IMG_2280

When I was doing our research, I was wondering where to go for a side trip while we were in Geneva and got inspired by a travel book that I had. Gruyeres sounded oh-so-fascinating with its cheese factory, cheese restaurants and medieval town. And so we up and left Geneva for Gruyeres on the 2nd day!

The fastest rail trip from Geneva to Gruyères will get you there in just under two hours, with one change of trains at Palézieux. Trains leave once per hour. We had a good breakfast at a nearby cafe and left for the train station.


Halfway through the ride, the conductor came to check our tickets and asked where we are going on that train. On that morning, my sister and my husband said to me ” how difficult can it be to hop onto a train and get to somewhere else”?  Turns out we boarded the wrong train.

The 1 time that I DID NOT BOTHER TO CHECK the information on the side of the train, we ended up on the wrong one. I completely forgot that one platform can serve more than 1 train/ destination and we ended up on the wrong one. The 1st few stops were correct and so the 2 of them just sat back and relaxed.. And when the conductor said we were on the wrong train, they both looked sheepish and smiled at me. We had to change at Montreux to get to Gruyeres. If you check out the map below, it is not exactly on the way…but well it gave us a chance to ‘see’ Montreux.

At Montreux, we alighted and as we had some spare time (thanks to these 2), we walked around and took in the scenery for a short while. We went up to a rooftop and snapped some pictures of our surroundings.

This hotel looks beautiful.

IMG_2295 IMG_2302 IMG_2303

We then boarded the correct train this time and landed in Gruyeres proper.

IMG_2310 IMG_2312

Gruyères is a town in the district of Gruyère in the canton of Fribourg in Switzerland. This medieval town is an important tourist location and gives its name to the well-known cheese. In this town, a trackless train is the only vehicle allowed on its pedestrianised streets.


Trackless train in Gruyeres

Gruyeres (Gruyere spelt with an S, meaning the town itself) is a beautiful walled medieval town with cobbled streets. Our 1st stop is La Maison Du Gruyere, an interesting cheese manufacturing museum, which is just by the station where we took an audio tour (available in lots of languages), watch modern cheese making and strolled around the souvenir shop.


Image: globtroter.org/gruyere.html


Front of the cheese museum
Image: http://www.igougo.com



Modern machines for churning cheese


Listening to the audio recording while walking around the museum


Wheels of Gruyere cheese
Image: //www.aufeminin.com/cuisine-francaise-europeenne


Traditional method of cheese making


We had a super lovely delicious lunch at the inhouse restaurant and the weather was so accomodating, we ate outdoors on the terrace. The waitress came around to show us how to twirl the bread / potatoes onto the gruyere cheese and it was wonderful and delicious. If you have never tasted gruyere, go try some today! Some people think it is a bit too strong but it grows on you and my family loves it now. Maybe we had good memories of it, thats why.

cheese 1

Restaurant inside the museum


Exterior – where we sat
Image: media-cdn.tripadvisor.com/media/photo


Waiting for our lunch


The waitress and my sister

IMG_2327 IMG_2332 IMG_2335 IMG_2336 IMG_2338

After that, we walked to the city centre and the HR Giger Museum (famous from the Alien films). There were also very nice touristy shops and restaurants.  But we were too full so we only stopped at a cafe to have tea. This town is really medieval and we don’t see that often so we really liked the atmosphere. The population of Gruyere as of 2011 is only 1967. Imagine that!


Many people enjoying their gruyere lunches!


A super friendly biker with us in the photo!

IMG_2348 IMG_2356 IMG_2363 IMG_2371 IMG_2378 IMG_2379 IMG_2380 IMG_2386 IMG_2393


Statue outside the museum

 We had a really relaxing time just walking around this old town and admiring the medieval surroundings, tasting the fantastic Gruyere cheese and having a ball of a time reaching here by the old Gruyere train as well.

Even though we got lost, the fun is in the journey so all is good.


  1. Cheryl · · Reply

    i ate at the same cheese fondue place at gruyere!! opposite the train station yeah?! the cheeses were awesome!! i miss it so much! we got lost on the way there though..

    1. Yes I miss it so much, it was very nice and the weather was perfect!
      oh you got lost too? why?

      1. Cheryl · · Reply

        we got lost because their train system was just too efficient!! we stood at the platform waiting for a 1005 train but took the 1000 train instead which took us somewhere else 🙂 it was winter and -6deg! so the scenery was totally different!

        1. yes same with us I think. I completely forgot that each track serves more than 1 train and KW and LS are blur too. Oh well, nice memories!

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