I was looking through my phone last night and amazingly, there are A LOT of food pictures in there… here are some of my favourites:


2011-08-27 19.51.56

Clams & Chorizo : ultra meaty!
Cooked by KW

2011-08-07 20.17.15

I never knew duck confit took so much effort, time and fats! You had to soak the duck in duck fat overnight!
Duck Confit with Grilled Haloumi and red cabbage
Cooked by KW

2011-08-06 20.12.06

Seafood in stew – I love this dish
Cooked by KW

2011-07-12 00.23.37

We were inspired to do this after watching ‘Blue Blood’ – the family sat down for a dinner every Sunday. Each of us made something – I sliced the baguette. What??
Roast Pork, baked potatos etc.


Back Camera

A variety of cheeses and meat from Wine Connection Cheese Bar at Robertson Quay
It was a lot of 2 people…

2011-05-16 10.00.11

Eggs Benedict on toast, from The Plain at Craig Road

2011-05-18 12.46.48

Grigliata Mista Alla Sorrentina – Grilled seafood from Pasta Brava

2011-06-07 20.13.26

My favourite pasta – Vongole
From Bruno’s at Tanjong Katong

Back Camera

Martini’s from Five – our favourite pub at Emerald Hill
From 9pm, it is 1 for 1 martinis!

2012-02-03 09.47.45

Raw Fish

2012-03-02 20.30.08

Curry Fish head

2011-11-23 12.04.00

Nasi Lemak from Wok & Barrel – too bad they closed

2011-08-19 10.05.58

Easy breakfast: Egg with Bacon – from Toast Box

2011-08-12 16.00.06

Quail eggs wrapped with Bacon, and mini waffles with ice cream
From Vanilla Cafe

2013-03-13 14.40.51

Lobster sandwich – from Club Street Social

This sandwich is very expensive but so worth it.

2013-03-19 11.07.38

Curry chicken with toast from Toast Box
The perfect oily lunch

2013-03-31 14.07.05

Chicken Noodles from Long Phung

This little Vietnamese shop has long queues everyday and we love the pho here.

2013-04-03 12.07.03

From Koh Grill

This is one of the best places in Singapore to get sushi.

2013-04-25 12.45.01

My lunch yesterday – soft serve Vanilla ice cream with jelly!
From Dolce Tokyo, 313 Somerset


2011-04-20 18.59.50

Burrata Cheese with Olive and toast
Very very good

2011-04-20 19.16.14

Clams with Chorizo – we did the same dish for ourselves at home

We had these 2 great dishes on our trip to Seattle.

2011-04-21 18.35.52

Pizza and chicken wings in Whidbey Island

2011-04-28 14.41.30

Damn good ramen in Whistler

We had this in Whistler – when the weather is super cold, all you want is a hot bowl of ramen.

2011-09-04 12.11.57

Lu Rou Fan (minced pork rice), carrot cake and fried eggs
In a little hawker store in Taipei – it is the perfect comfort food

2011-09-04 16.13.55

Waffles and Pizza – we had this in a restaurant in Taipei, in Taipei 101 building

2012-04-26 20.31.53

Superb burgers from Bryon Burgers in Kensington, London

2012-04-29 05.19.06

Tapas from Pix, London

2012-12-14 12.42.36

oh my god, chicken with waffles!
From Amy’s Ruth in Harlem, NYC

2012-12-20 00.21.33

I love this mickey waffle from Holiday Inn Hotel, Orlando, USA
It was really crispy yet fluffy.

Whew, that’s a lot of food. I am hungry now.



  1. I might get fat just looking at these glorious food!!

    1. Whats your favourite? 🙂

      1. how am i supposed to pick?? well, if i really had to, it would be the curry, the maki, and the sandwhich you had in Taipei…

        1. Lets go eat the shiok maki next time! It is really good.

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