People like them exist to make the rest of us feel miserable

I came across this just now during lunch and I thought to myself, why do such people exist to make the rest of us miserable?

Then after that thought, came many other unpleasant thoughts of people that irritate me.

2013-04-14 14.41.33

Look at the crossed arms and imposing manner


– People who stand JUST BESIDE YOU at a crowded restaurant

I don’t know if this happens in other countries as well but I see it very often in Singapore. Over here, people think that if they stand just beside you while you are eating, during a crowded restaurant or café, that it pressures you to eat faster and leave. We were in Long Phung just now for a Vietnamese lunch and it was obviously crowded as you can see from the picture. Why would you stand RIGHT inside the restaurant while everyone else is eating and cross your arms like I owe you my seat? Doesn’t it make you feel awkward? That everyone is having their lunch and here you are, silently plotting how you are going to get our seats?

There are seats outside the restaurant for this specific purpose, you know, for you to wait. But no, they will not be made to wait like normal human beings. They must stand just beside us while we eat and look at every spoonful of food that you put into your mouth and you can almost feel them saying – eat faster, eat faster and LEAVE!

I don’t know about you but this really pisses me off and I really take my time to savour every single beansprout from my chicken pho and stir my drink that much more slowly. Yes I am nasty like that.


– We go to the gym at least 4 times a week and I am really irritated when I meet girls who hog the hairdryers. Especially at lunchtime, after a class, everyone literally runs to the changing rooms, charges ahead of you to the showers and later when you have finished your shower, they are STILL AT THE MIRROR adjusting their hair for the millionth time and applying their eye liner with surgical precision. Doesn’t it make sense that if you are the 1st one out of the class, 1st one at the shower that you should be the 1st one who is done with your hair and makeup? And the strange thing is that even if she is not using the hair dryer, god forbid that you go ahead and use it? Because no, she will whip around and tell you – I AM GOING TO USE IT NOW.

I used to see this behaviour a lot when I first started going to the gym at peak hours and I guess other girls also feel the same way as me. Nowadays I see girls going ahead to reach out for the hair dryer in front of others because if you are not using it, others should be able to use it as well. It does not BELONG TO YOU.

And these girls are often the ones who spend longer in the changing rooms – changing from their work clothes to gym gear, taking out their whole bag of shower stuff like today is the only day they are showering this week (how else do you explain the jumbo sized shampoo & lotion that they lug along every time?? ), hanging out after to chit chat at the mirrors with equally irritating friends of theirs, taking a lot of time to apply their makeup and do their hair just right  – than they are actually working out.


– There are also those girls who are on trial from the gym who come to class at least 15 minutes late and stand right IN FRONT OF YOU. And if it is a body combat class, you can guarantee that they will stand just in front of you and look at you like they think you should give them the space they need because

a. they are new

b. they are not willing to find their own space nor walk to the other side of the studio

I am sorry but I ain’t doing that, no, scratch that, I am not sorry. You either turn up punctually for classes or you find your own space. You do not stand right in front of me while I am trying to have a good workout because I WILL KICK YOU. And more often that not, these are the ones who frail about so stupidly you wonder why they chose such a high impact cardio class to start their trial with, if they have not exercised more than the obligatory exercise classes that you had in primary school. And this does not mean you go stand directly in front of the other person beside me as well – please recognise that you are driving everyone crazy. And please tie your hair up. That is common decency and hygiene in a sweaty class.

– And in our body combat class, there is this 1 girl who insists that we do not switch the fan on. Often by the last 10 minutes of the class, everyone is very warm and we just want air to circulate in the room. Our body combat classes take place after hot yoga classes so the room is not sufficiently cooled down hence the fan. This person has to stand right near the fan yet gives us an upset look every time we switch it on. THEN WHY DON’T YOU STAND SOMEWHERE ELSE THEN? I don’t understand.

At the workplace:

– I have a colleague who wears slippers in the office almost every day and she walks around so slowly sometimes I get a shock when I look up and she ‘floats’ across. People who don’t know her will ask if she is ok. That is seriously the ‘death question’. She will go on and on about how busy and overworked she is, how she has calls to take at night at 10pm, how many projects she has ON TOP OF HER HEAVY WORKLOAD, how far the office is from her home, how lucky that we are not as busy as her etc. Gosh, I asked her once and I seriously wanted to struggle her. And guess what, once she is in her room, she picks up the phone and calls her friends to chat… she laughs so loudly we can all hear. How busy can she be? And when she spots me with my gym bag, she goes – “oh how nice, you even have time to hit the gym. I don’t even have time to eat!” I used to keep quiet and smile but now I go “oh then you should really look at your time management skills and try to be more efficient”. And then I smile.

I wanna send her this article and tell her not to glorify busy

– Arkward moments in the lift make me uncomfortable but when the other person pretends to furiously get onto their iphone and check messages when the door closes, I wanna tell them – do you know we can just smile, keep quiet and wait? We work on the 5th floor, it doesn’t take that long for your escape. And miraculously, when you need my advice later on in the day, you are suddenly all nice and friendly.

– Then there is this guy who reads the newspapers at all times of the day at the pantry and when you walk past for water at the cooler, he goes ” Oh I am not relaxing, I am catching up on current affairs to help my work”. Did I ask? It seems like in every office, there are people like that who has to justify what they are doing to you. Nobody asked and everyone knows EXACTLY how much you are contributing.


What sort of people irks you the most ?


  1. 1. People who stand very close to me in trains and buses. I will try and put my arms very close to myself and make myself very small when it’s crowded but there are a lot of people who don’t care that they are resting their whole bum on you.

    2. Old people who cut queues to get onto the bus or pay first at grocery stores. You can’t scold them because they are old and they know it.

    1. Yes we have lost all our personal space these days!

  2. SO TRUE!!!
    1. People who lingers around your table: eat real slow, and just as they think you’re done, order a dessert!
    2. Gym b*tches: stand next to them and turn the hair dryer to its hottest setting, and face it towards their faces!
    2. People who pretend not to see you in the lift: when they come to you for help, whip out your phone and act REAL BUSY

    1. Yes so true!!! too bad we have already ordered our drinks!
      And yes I will not even look up if they come find me after..

      Do you have people like that in your office?

      1. everyone has such people in their companies!! haha

  3. mr Burns · · Reply

    Easy and Sure-Fire solutions to dealing with those situations:

    1. Irritating Restaurant “wait-ers”
    you got there first, got a seat get a meal. they didn’t, and are waiting. good. just keep waiting.

    2. Delusional Gym B*****
    fry their faces with the hair dryer next time.

    3a. Floating and Busy as hell colleague
    Just tell her to suck it up and do what the hell she is paid to be doing in the first place, working, not complaining. the company didn’t hire her to complain. and if she feels that life or the company is unfair to her, either quit her job or go jump off the building. either way, nobody gives a DAMN.

    3b. The Ever-So-In-The-Know lazy ass colleague
    just tell him off the next time he tries to explain. nobody asked and nobody cares, we are not your parents, you dun need to tell us everything you are doing or not doing.


  4. mr Burns · · Reply

    all the a***** you mentioned, we get them a hell lot all the time, all over the place. and the very reason why they are still alive? that’s because i can’t afford to hire a mass murderer FULL TIME, or buy a ION cannon….yet……

    1. Wow I got you all fired up.. haha!

  5. What an angry post.yes never step on her toes lest she gives you hell.ha…awkward wrong spelling..haha

    1. Haha yes. Got irriated after the lady and her son who stood so close to us at Long Phung yesterday.
      Wow correcting my English. 🙂 I will change now.

  6. Charmaine · · Reply

    Old people who literally, and I DO MEAN LITERALLY, poke you in the back with one bony finger to urge you to board the train faster. Ditto old people who pretend not to see you and try to cut the queue right in front of your eyes.

    1. Wow really? I didnt know that! How rude.

      1. Charmaine · · Reply

        I think they only dare to do it to short people like me.

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