Singapore: Good eats – Vietnamese & Japanese

We have eaten at these 2 restaurants so frequently these past few weeks that I think it is time I share them with you.

Ramen Bar Suzuki

61 Circular Rd #01-01, Singapore, Singapore 049415

We usually go to Keisuke Tonkotsu King @ Orchid Hotel for good ramen if we are craving for it. But the long queues even at 9pm gets us a little riled up at times, especially when we are starving. So I googled for other ramen stores and chanced upon Ramen Bar Suzuki at Boat Quay. We went to try it after our body combat class 2 Thursdays ago. We had to circle the Boat Quay area twice before we saw the shop front. It is a tiny shop with an entirely black décor, it looks slightly like a pub at night. We parked nearby at UOB Plaza and had high hopes for our dinner.

We were not disappointed. 3 of us ordered our ramen and waited a short while for it. At dinner, there will be free flow of rice, cabbage, hard boiled eggs and garlic chips. We took the cabbage and mixed it with some Japanese sauces that they had on the counter. It was a very good starter / snack for our dinner. I ordered the pure white Tonkatsu Ramen, with all the toppings and my husband and sister ordered the red ramen. They love spicy food, unlike me. Our steaming bowls of ramen arrived and they were delicious. The soup broth is much lighter than Keisuke’s and there are no visible fat globules in the soup. The pork slices at Keisuke’s are bigger and thicker though. Well, every ramen store tastes different and I must say we like Ramen Bar Suzuki’s ramen as well. It is definitely way nicer than Ippudo, which I think is too salty and over-rated.

I came here again last Thursday with a very good girlfriend for lunch and we had to queue up! Guess the working crowds around Boat Quay know of this ramen store as well! The queue moved swiftly and we were seated in 10 mins. This time I ordered the pure white Tonkatsu Ramen again. At lunch, there is free flow of rice, potato salad and spicy beansprouts. These were big hits I tell you – the men around us went for 2nd and 3rd helpings of the potato salad. We tried ours and they were good! The potato salad comes with pork cubes mixed in so it tastes very good. Before we could finish our ramen, the potato salad was gone. Customers who patronised the store after, looked disappointed.

Out of all the ramen that we have tasted, I would rank this at the top with Keisuke Tonkatsu King, Nantsuttei and of course the ramen that we had in Whistler.


Pure white ramen at Ramen Bar Suzuki

– Long Phung

159 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427436

Front of restaurant at Joo Chiat Road

This tiny little green shop in Joo Chiat Road serves really good Vietnamese food. We have since been there twice in 4 days. It is not an easy feat finding good authentic Vietnamese cuisine in Singapore. The pho that you can find in other restaurants are either watered-down versions or commercialised places that doesn’t have much authenticity left.

At this restaurant, queues form at lunch and dinner so be prepared to wait. Families come with kids and grandparents too so it can get bustling very quickly in the small shop. There are also a lot of Vietnamese girls who work around this area who come for authentic Vietnamese food as well. I see them eating cockles here by the plates, so it must be as good as what you can get back home. Locals will know this area gets busy here at night for reasons other than food. But this blog is not about that, sorry to disappoint the male readers out there and some of our friends, haha.

I love the chicken pho here and it comes with a generous amount of beansprouts, chicken, basil leaves, onions and noodles! We ordered the beef pho and it was good as well. Today when we were there for lunch, we ordered the ‘underdone beef’ as well. That is what it says on the menu and it is beef that has been cooked lightly. It is very slightly sweetened and delicious.


Chicken Pho


‘Undercooked beef’

You can help yourself to the condiments on the table and you can see the different types of chilli available, for chilli fans. Needless to say, my husband and sister piled them onto their bowls of pho and sweated through the whole delicious lunch. I stuck to my chicken pho, but squeezed in 10 limes to make the broth sour.


Condiments on the table – see the 5 types of chilli

Be prepared to queue for your meal here but once you settle in, the portions are generous and delicious. The waitresses shout orders to each other in Vietnamese over your heads and for the next 45 minutes, you feel like you are sitting in an old coffee shop in Vietnam.

For more like this, see here, here and here.


  1. I love both shops since I’m always a fan of anything soupy. I like that you can have as many eggs as you fancy at Suzuki ramen bar though my sister loves to order the braised egg with the runny yolk. The cabbage that came along with a special salad sauce was rather appetizing too especially after our workout.

    1. Yes you love soup, unlike myself. Haha, except ramen and pho of course.

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