My Dogs

I fell in love with dogs when I was 6.

My mum brought home a brown little Pomeranian Pekingese mix. Her colleague brought it to work because she wanted to give it away.

I remembered my mum fetching me from the nanny after work and she asked me to look inside the box in the backseat. Happiness.

She was named Lady and she was loving and mellow. Perfect for a 1st dog for a child. I recalled when I was ill one time, she bounced up the stairs and came looking for me in my room. When she saw me looking tired and listless, she just sat beside me and kept me company.

I cried so hard at the vet when she died that the vet had to call my mother at work. Lady had to be put to sleep. I recalled asking the vet when Lady will wake up after she ‘put her to sleep’ and she said ‘never’. I didn’t know what it meant then.

After Lady came Grapes, a furry white Poodle mix. She was extremely earnest and giving. She had extreme bad breath when she became older but somehow it was endearing.

After Grapes came Chewie, my beige Chihuahua.

IMG_1220[1] IMG_0048[1]

I loved her so much – even now, I dream of her. I always dream that I left her behind. In the garden, in a building etc. She was the cutest fattest chihuahua around and passerbys at the park would ask – oh, you can keep piglets in Singapore? People mistake her for a cat too.

She was senile towards her last days, turning around on her own in the living room, licking the wall, staring into space.. in her own little world. I spent as much time as I can with her and I am truly comforted that I was with her when she passed away in the night. Her face turned slightly blue and I knew from experience with Grapes that it was time. Even though I knew she was going to die, nothing can prepare you for that moment when you feel her body go limp.

Then Jingle, our Jack Russsel. Oh, those who knows Jingle knows no other dog can have that much energy. Her energy was boundless and infectious. And she loves lizards with a vengence. She could sniff them out behind the cupboard and whine till we shift it so she could pounce on them. She comes to ask you to bring her for walks and it is pointless to ignore her. She will give you her best poor doggie look and you are gone.

I am a common sight around my neighbourhood with her beside me, going out sometimes 8-10 times in a day. Her sense of adventure was so keen, you felt that you had to bring her out, just once more.

We adopted Oreo a few years ago. He is also a Jack Russel. He is extremely loving and his fur is so thick, when he has his bath, it takes a while to towel him dry. He went blind a few years back but he has learnt his way around the house and runs to us when we come home too.

People who don’t have dogs often ask me ‘what do you like about them? They seem smelly, naughty and troublesome.’

I often smile. Words cannot begin to describe the amount of love they have for you, the pure joy in their little brown eyes, the unconditional companionship that dogs give their owners.

Only dog lovers will understand when I say that there is nothing better, in the world, than coming home to your dogs.

For more on dogs, see here, here, here and here.



  1. He is precious!! Great smile by the way 🙂

    1. She! I know she looks like a boy… haha!

      1. So sorry! Well. she is precious 🙂

        1. No problem – not that she or i care. Haha!! a dog lover is always my friend!

  2. Very cute! Having pets at home has always been such a pleasure! It just wouldn’t be the same without them!

  3. I love chewie the most!!

    1. Yes most people do! I love her too.

  4. Pearlypoh · · Reply

    Such a long history of dogs!

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