More Seattle Stuff …


And now for more Seattle stuff:

I must say one thing before I say anything else – I didnt expect to love this city that much.

Here are some highlights from my memory:


The Pink Door

This was the 1st dinner that we enjoyed in Seattle. Of  course I had reservations, silly! I already made one before we left. I am anal that way. This restaurant was just near our hotel (Inn at the Market ) and it was super cool. This picture was taken from the inside of the restaurant and you can see the steps leading downwards to the dining area. The whole place was dark and cosy and the food was glorious. It was too dark for photos. And, the flashes from the camera would garner us uncool in such a cool place.

And yes, the door of the restaurant is PINK.

 IMG_3695       The interior of the restaurant          IMG_3702  The slightly scary clown ‘drawing’ on the wall 

Pike Place Market


I remember waking up each morning in our hotel room, padding across the carpet to go to the windows to see the early morning activities at Pike Place Market. It would be bustling with life: flower ladies laughing to each other while unpacking the flowers for display from the van, the fish guys carrying huge slabs of the mornings’ catch on their shoulders, housewives with their baskets going to the market… And of course we are in Seattle – everyone drinks COFFEE …. it almost seems like a crime if we don’t start the day with coffee, have midday coffee breaks, cross the road carrying Starbucks high up (like there are coffee thieves reaching up from below to grab them away!) and even at night, after dinner, another coffee to end the day.

The Market has 9 acres to explore, many lanes where you can find lots of treasures and interesting stuff.

The sights and smells of Pike Place Market are special and thinking about now makes me nostalgic.

IMG_3727 IMG_3725

2011-04-14 10.10.04 2011-04-14 10.09.48

I read about how good these donuts were – tried them, didn’t like it too much. They smell very good though. Cant go wrong with cinnamon and sugar..till it goes on your thigns…


Funny statue at the market
It says – sometimes I feel like a slut, sometimes I dont.



Being the super anal person that I am and having read that when you reach a new city, asking locals about good food to eat was the way to go, I asked our hotel for recommendations for breakfast and they told me to go to Lowell’s for breakfast.

And here we are. You order at the 1st floor and make your way to the 2nd floor (with mindblowing views of Puget Sound) and wait for your extra sinful carbohydrates to arrive.

I ordered the big breakfast with everything in it – everything means it has to have BACON.



Come to mummy…


We also visited Beechers Cheese – andohmygoodness, best grilled cheese sandwiches ever. Simple yet very good.

They had a huge cheese making section where you can see all the milk being processed and it was a wonderful experience, sitting at the deli and soaking in the atmosphere. With tomato soup, grilled cheese and the cold Seattle winds, life is good.


IMG_3925 IMG_3942 IMG_3946 IMG_3959 IMG_4000

We also took a short ferry ride from Seattle to Bainbridge Island – that is what I love about travelling in the US & Europe. There are endless ways to spend a day – take a ferry and you are somewhere else, take a train in Europe and you are transported to another quaint little town..

Bainbridge Island is a small town and we really liked it. There was a little farmers market outside the supermarket and it is that kind of town where everyone knows everyone else. Good and bad, I think.

I like to look for little towns to walk around in, they always have cute candle shops, homely cafes and interesting knick knacks to buy.

Ballard Farmers Market

We were also lucky to be in Seattle when the Ballard Farmer Market was in action on Sundays. I love farmers markets – lots to eat and lots to see. We went into this cupcake cafe. Of course we bought one to try. Beside the river there was also a food truck that looks like a metal pig – selling pulled pork sandwich. Yes, bought another to try. It was delicious.

Voula’s Offshore Cafe

We saw this cafe on tv – on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and I squeezed it into our plan desperately. We had rented a car by then (last day in Seattle, driving towards the Skagit Valley Tulalip Festival on the way to Vancouver ) and we drove to Voula’s. It was under a bridge and very special. A bit ‘rustic’ but special. Food was good, carbohydrates galore as usual.

If you are thinking of your next holiday, make it Seattle please?  You will find that you will remember it for years to come.

Just like me.

For more on Seattle, look here and here.

For more on travel, look here, here, here and here.


  1. speaking of seattle and coffee – i think i read somewhere that the first starbucks ever started in pike place market in the 1970s!! did you visit that pioneer outlet?

    1. You will see that the new post is just for you. 🙂

  2. Charmaine · · Reply

    gorgeous flowers!

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